Raphaël Jakse

A blog is coming! In the meantime…

About my Ph.D.

I graduated in December 2019. But please don't call me Doctor, Raph' is fine ;-). I worked on Interactive runtime verification, at Université Grenoble Alpes (Laboratoire Informatique de Grenoble, INRIA, team CORSE), advised by Yliès Falcone and Jean-François Méhaut.

Interactive runtime verification consists in combining interactive debugging, which allows developers to inspect the internal state of their programs in details, but which is also a bit tedious, with runtime verification, a formal method to check execution traces produced using instrumentation against properties. The idea it to guide interactive debugging with runtime verification to make it less tedious and more systematic. You can read the following paper for an introduction:

Raphaël Jakse, Yliès Falcone, Jean-François Méhaut, Kevin Pouget: Interactive Runtime Verification - When Interactive Debugging Meets Runtime Verification. ISSRE 2017.

Professional software projects

Hobby projects

Maintained Websites

Sporadic contributions to free software

  • I added support for large LTL formulae in the Spin model checker (pull)
  • I reported numerous bugs on KDE (list) and in other projects.
  • I brought minor documentation improvements to Halium, F-Droid, WP Super Cache (pending), qea (a research runtime verification tool)
  • I fixed a minor bug (incorrect value for a property) in the Mozilla Rhino Javascript engine (pull request)
  • I fixed a minor bug in the Clementine media player (pull), that has since been overwritten anyway
  • I fixed a presentation bug in the playlist view of the Odissey media player for Android (pull)
  • I brought automatic data for MMS in LineageOS 14.1 for the Lenovo P2a42 phone, by reapplying an existing patch (pull)
  • I fixed a minor lack of typing in DefinitivelyTyped for the big-integer library (pull)
  • I lowered the minimum volume in Rockbox for the Cowon D2+ media player (patch)
  • I made Sortable, a little Javascript library to sort tables, XHTML-compatible (pull).
  • I fixed a type error in xmldom (pull)
  • And before that, I was not born.